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Image by hao wang

AI Based Surface Control

No Model Training Needed

We know that it is difficult to prepare a dataset consisting of hundreds of images for each defect type of different product types. That's why you don't have to deal with solid faulty examples with the artificial intelligence module we have developed.

Suggests Its Own Parameters

Data from image processing software system software for results from the accuracy of their AI. This minimizes user errors.

Doesn't Need High Hardware PC

Since the artificial intelligence module we have developed does not work with a robust faulty learning model, it does not need high-performance computers.

Capture Surface Flaws with High Performance

High false reject rates in surface control systems are undesirable in terms of production. With our software, you can remove faulty products without affecting your production efficiency.

Powered by Image Processing Algorithms

Images taken from the product are first pre-processed in image processing algorithms and made ready for artificial intelligence algorithms.

Submit Sample Product Let's Share Results

You can send samples of your products by contacting us. Let's test the compatibility of your product with the software and let you know the results.

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