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Image by Clayton Cardinalli
Production Quality Controls

     In today's world where competition is increasing, the quality and consistency of the product produced has been one of the most important factors in gaining customers and not missing customers. The cameras added to the system capture the image coming out of the product line, the captured image is sent to the computer for processing. Tests are made on the image captured with our software. Our cameras and software quickly catch and remove errors in the product that cannot be seen by the human eye. This system increases speed and quality. It minimizes human error commonly encountered in quality tests.

     Our image processing systems play an important role in increasing the quality of the produced product and reducing the production costs by working 100% efficiently without fatigue.

    Some of the Application Examples

AI Based Surface Control

Lena Vision AI Based Surface Controller, It aims to catch superficial errors that may occur on the product during production by combining artificial intelligence and image processing algorithms. The images to be taken with the camera and placements to be selected according to the project are made ready for AI algorithms with image processing algorithms and by applying AI algorithms, it is determined whether the product is faulty.

Measurement Control and Tolerance Verification Systems

As Lena Vision, we guarantee your satisfaction with the power we get from our software by designing the right systems suitable for the product in order to increase your production quality.

It does not need to prepare datasets of thousands of images, so it adapts very quickly to new types of products,

No need for a high-capacity PC,

The system proposes the appropriate image processing parameters, minimizes human-induced errors,

The system itself proposes the parameters necessary for the system outputs to be marked as faulty or solid, minimizing human-induced errors,

     Share with us the products you want to control, let's test it in the simulation environment, and we will reveal the system that suits you.

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